So What is PASE?

I’m not referring to the paces we take while walking or pacing ourselves in life, however the four energies that we all have inside of us.

Practical. Action. Social. And Emotional.

Recently I’ve been into self-improvement and have been listening to some podcasts and mentors of mine one of which is Tai Lopez. When I first listened to him I knew right away he knew a lot that I can learn from.

One lesson of his was that people have these four energies inside of themselves, some of which are more dominant than others and some that are weaker than others. I myself am PESA. But, if you had asked me only 1 year ago I would tell you completely otherwise, something like a SAPE. This is because we are constantly changing and find certain energies more valuable for where you are in life.

I’m currently an accounting student so I use my practical side a lot making lots of plans and scheduling my weeks in advance. Additionally, I’m a huge family and friends type of guy, I’m pretty close with my twin sister and love spending time with the family. For that reason I believe I can be more emotional in some decisions as well.

Consequently, looking at my parents, they are dominant P’s and E’s which might have been some kind of influence on me.

My weaker energies consist of social and actionable. Historically, I’ve taken a long time to put a plan into action and have had a lack of spontaneous moments so I’ve put other energies ahead in my priorities per se.

However, as I mentioned earlier, people can change, you can work on certain energies in a day and focus on connecting more with others emotionally. You can take action right away when something comes in your head or make a plan for spending in the next month.

Although this blog post might be more personal than informative, what I hope you can get away from this is that everyone has all these energies inside and we choose to focus on some more than others but we should be aware that we can work on them to improve ourselves.


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