I went skiing for the second time in many years and learnt or “developed a better understanding” of a technique called carving.

I always thought I knew what it was but apparently I’ve been doing it wrong all along.

For those of you who don’t ski a lot, carving is when you’re making your turns left and right on the ski hill where you’re cutting your edges of your skis into the snow to make a turn.

If you are at the level that I was at then when making your turns, you never really bent your skis when turning so that the edges of your skis carved into the snow. After learning pizza (slowing down by making a backwards V) you learn to control your speed by turning your skis in a way to create more friction.

Although it is effective, you lose a lot of your speed so when you want to advance your skiing, you reach a plateau. When you turn, you really need to dig your sides of your skis into the snow.

Also, it’s important to focus on transferring your weight to the outside ski when making your turn. And lastly, make sure that both skis are parallel to each other, this was the biggest change I made that effected my carving technique. You need to focus on making sure both skis are turning in the direction you want or else you lose a lot of speed and can easily lose balance.

Hopefully these tricks help out and maybe this even inspires you to go out skiing for the first time in a while!

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