Places To Go on a First Date

On a lighter topic today, I want to go over something I was debating over with my sister over the weekend.

There are certain perfect places that people have their go-to when it comes to first dates but others have some more “interesting” choices.

Ideally, a first date should take place somewhere where you are permitted to talk to one other (aka don’t go to see a movie). If you want to actually get to know the person you have to be able to have conversations with them.

Some common first date venues are coffee shops, bars where you can grab some drinks or going to dinner at a nice restaurant.

Personally, I believe that going to a restaurant could be a longer commitment than the prior mentioned because you need to stay the entire meal which could take a while but some try to convince me that you can easily walk out anytime. I’m not sold.

What’s good about these places is that you can meet your date and get to know them for a bit and see if you two connect. If things aren’t working out you can end it anytime and if you are enjoying it you can meet up again somewhere more specific to certain interests you’ve learned each other has.

I never really suggested going on first dates to play a sport or something that I don’t know my date would enjoy so I think playing it safe is usually the move. However, if you know that your date is really into a sport or an activity, it’s not a bad idea at all to incorporate it into the plan.

Hope this helps!

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