Aerobic vs. Anaerobic Exercise

I was running up a large flight of stairs earlier today and a friend of mine corrected me after I had said that I was performing my daily aerobic exercise.

After looking this up I found out that there is a difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercise. The main difference by definition is that aerobic is the type of exercise where your muscles have oxygen to produce all the energy they need to perform where as there is a lack of supply of oxygen under anaerobic.

The lack of supply of oxygen from the exercise means that it has a tougher time converting  your sugar into energy.

In my case, I had a large increase in pace that was faster than my body could sustain and because I was sprinting it is considered anaerobic. I was becoming fatigued very quickly. This is not necessarily a worse form of exercise but it depends what you are training for.

If you are a marathon runner you will much rather train and run aerobically since you will fatigue a lot less. For training with more high-intensive needed exercises of course you will prefer to train anaerobically.

For instance for a sport like hockey with quick bursts of speed needed at a moments notice anaerobic exercise will be much more beneficial. But for the average person just wanting to stay in shape and get his/her cardio in for the day/week/month, aerobic exercises are probably better.

Hope this helps!

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