Cramming.. It’s a practice done by all students around the world.

Personally, I’m actually in the process of doing it right now, the night before my midterm. It’s not the best kind of studying for anyone but it can be effective for some. Those that understand the material already and don’t need much time practicing and reteaching material can be saved by cramming.

However, those that need extra time going over details and don’t catch on right away how everything works or how everything relates do not benefit.

The root of cramming is that people are lazy. We can procrastinate until the night before a test and then feel the pressure of actually studying because the actual output (the test result or performance evaluation) is so close by.

Even though some people can still ace tests or float by with passing grades through cramming it is not something to brag about. What we should be doing is planning ahead of time and organizing how much time a day to study for many days before the actual test.

Most students will not remember most new methods or material that they’ve learnt 2 hours and less before the exam. And there’s more cons to cramming, the list can go on and on.

I’m not a scientist but I gather that the average for students who cram vs. planning ahead is probably lower.

Do your future self a favour and plan ahead!

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