The Super Bowl

I haven’t posted in a long while so to get back into it I figured I would tell the story of my experience last Sunday.

Just like any other year I was sitting in my basement with a bunch of my friends eating pizza and drinking some ice cold beers. However this time, I was a mess…

For the first time since I’ve been following the NFL my Carolina Panthers had finally made it to the Championship game. Not only were we in the finals but we were the overwhelming favourite.

This game had me singing, crying, high-fiving and pacing back and forth. I hardly got to enjoy the company because I was so focused on every single play it felt like there was no one else there.

Once the game had ended, I knew all hope was lost and my friends, being as great as they were, helped me clean up our mess because they knew I wouldn’t be able to be productive for the next 24 hours.

Five days removed from Super Bowl 50, I laugh at how serious and intense that Sunday was for me. North American sports fans are so dedicated and connected to their teams that it feels like they lost someone close to them whenever their team loses. Even though I laugh at how I reacted and how stereotypical this is, I know that I would do anything just to see my team make it back there again.

My mourning time has ended and now I am filled with hope that we can get there again.


A Panthers Fan for Life