Wise like Marc Andreessen

This week’s mentor for all of us is named Marc Andreessen who has amassed a large pile of wealth in his career.

This is a man who has experienced ambition and clearly worked towards his goals without an end in sight.

Although I did not yet finish the chapter on March, I caught one idea that stood out for me. Now this concept is something that could affect people in different ways but what it did for me was made me focus on what I was doing outside of my work.

He mentions the nerd at night principle which I might have butchered slightly but the main idea is – what is that individual (you) doing at night, what keeps them up and interested. Are they a fanatic for sports, science, reality TV, etc.

What drives them and gives them pleasure. Or do they do absolutely nothing at all besides sit and eat potato chips all night.

Now this can be used as a question for new hires for business, or even a first date question but what I find relates most to me is the idea of focusing on my strengths. What I mean by that is I should be looking at what I enjoy and spend time on and double down in those areas to gain a larger expertise and depth so that later in life I can capitalize on those in some way.

What I believe is that it’s nice to have a breadth of interests but it is more beneficial these days to be a specialist than to be average in everything.

That’s what I took away from this very intelligent man’s saying.

Let me know what you think or if you know anything about Marc and his philosophies that is worth sharing.

Have a great night,


Healthy Like Patrick Arnold

This week I’ve had to do a little bit of digging to learn more about what this individual has brought to the table.

Patrick Arnold is a famous supporter of using certain legal drugs to better the human body.

One specifically I took an interest into was the drug metformin used on people with Type 2 diabetes. This drug was highlighted in the book “Tools of Titans” by Tim Ferris for being showing results of anti-aging in some tests.

Although I still consider myself young at 23 years old, I decided to look more into this to see what results have shown. The drug is still being tested and used on many individuals who could be higher risk of developing diseases but to date, it appears to be slightly effective with minimal negative side effects.

Of course I’m not suggesting anyone go take this themselves and they will magically live to 200. I don’t believe I will ever take something like this in the short-term as I don’t like risk when it comes to my body.

However, it is interesting to know that drugs like this are out there and that many people who know more about the science behind this promote the use for many individuals.

What I suggest for everyone out there is not to dismiss anything when it comes to something independent experts believe. Take the time to investigate and research and who knows, you might just lengthen your life a year or two.

Wise like BJ Miller

My second journey into the Tools of Titans buffet was to learn how to be as wise as BJ Miller.

First of all, if you don’t know who this man is, like I did at first, I suggest you check him out on YouTube by searching for his Ted Talk – What Really Matters at the of Life.

It’s inspirational and it is deeply impactful.

This week’s top takeaways from Miller are a couple of reactionary ideas to put into practice. What I mean by that, is that these principles should be the first reaction you have once each scenario takes place.

Star Gazing Method:

Whenever you are at a point in life where you are overwhelmed with stress or are begging to feel a wave of anxiety take you over stop what you are doing and look up to the sky. If you are inside, take a look out the window and begin to think about where you are. Next, imagine you are up in the sky, in the stars looking down at yourself from all the way up there. Think about how small of a dot you take up in the entire planet. Now backup even more, look outside of Earth and imagine yourself on the outside of the solar system looking down at our planet.

What I’m getting at, and what BJ Miller wants to remind us in these times of stress, is that put what you are dealing with and give yourself some perspective. It’s easy to think everyone revolves around you but much more difficult to realize how little it really does.

Question your I can’ts:

BJ’s second lesson I learned was how much we believe in what we think and say. If we took some time to question our beliefs and assumptions we would realize that we aren’t right all the time.

For example, a lot of our “I can’ts” stem from the fact that we don’t want to do something or that we simply won’t do something because we believe we are better than that or on the flip side not good enough.

In reality, many of these goals, challenges and actions CAN be completed. We just never put any effort or thought into it in the first place.

In the end, I believe what BJ Miller wants us to learn the most is that we should enjoy life without limitations. Enjoy the simple and small pleasures of life and let life take you places.



Wealthy like Chris Sacca

Welcome back,

Today there’s a couple of themes I would like to discuss learnt from the inspiring Chris Sacca. I had heard about him through the podcast world but only really got to learn more about him after reading about him in the new Tim Ferris book “Tools of Titans”.

I’d like to touch upon a few of his valuable lessons, those in which I found to be the most useful and relatable however to each their own of course.

Go on the Offence (Double Down on Yourself):

I believe this is one of the core principles that every successful person must have and believe with every decision they make. One should not only have the confidence in themselves but act in a way that they have already decided they will win.

Anticipate that you will make it to at least a higher level of achievement than you are at today and make decisions which ultimately will help you in the future.

This is something that you must practice and forcefully imagine since your brain is not wired to think this way for most people.

A trick I would use to get started would be to think of 2 things you should start working on now to help your future career and go from there.

Stand Out with Effort:

This next and last trick we can learn from Chris Sacca was difficult to choose as there were so many golden nuggets of his. However, I truly believe that this simple idea can make a real difference for anyone.

Chris explains that his way of being unique and standing out aside from his work was his cowboy shirt attire. He would always wear that same type of shirt at work and would eventually become known as “that guy”.

As a general rule, being known is usually a better thing than falling hidden into the large crowd. That is why I believe that standing out purposefully is beneficial. Whether it be your attire, your handshake or your personality, having something you focus on as a differentiator at work will bring you favour and a sense of uniqueness that can be lacking.

I advise everyone to work on what this will be for themselves and actually implement this strategy.

Until next time,


The Super Bowl

I haven’t posted in a long while so to get back into it I figured I would tell the story of my experience last Sunday.

Just like any other year I was sitting in my basement with a bunch of my friends eating pizza and drinking some ice cold beers. However this time, I was a mess…

For the first time since I’ve been following the NFL my Carolina Panthers had finally made it to the Championship game. Not only were we in the finals but we were the overwhelming favourite.

This game had me singing, crying, high-fiving and pacing back and forth. I hardly got to enjoy the company because I was so focused on every single play it felt like there was no one else there.

Once the game had ended, I knew all hope was lost and my friends, being as great as they were, helped me clean up our mess because they knew I wouldn’t be able to be productive for the next 24 hours.

Five days removed from Super Bowl 50, I laugh at how serious and intense that Sunday was for me. North American sports fans are so dedicated and connected to their teams that it feels like they lost someone close to them whenever their team loses. Even though I laugh at how I reacted and how stereotypical this is, I know that I would do anything just to see my team make it back there again.

My mourning time has ended and now I am filled with hope that we can get there again.


A Panthers Fan for Life

Global Entry

What is Global Entry?

This is a program initiated by the U.S. Border and Customs Protection department to allow certain low-risk citizens of selected countries (including US, Canadian and others) easy access into the country. Members are able to walk to an automated kiosk machine and with only their passport and fingerprint scan can continue to baggage claim. There are almost 2 million members across the US and more and more are applying monthly to join.

What are the Benefits?

The benefits of this program are mostly obvious ones. Members will not have to fill out copious amount of paperwork and won’t need to be waiting in long lines at the airport. Additionally, there are airports internationally that acknowledge members of the program such as specific Canadian airports. Additionally, NEXUS members of Canada will have the ability to take advantage of Global Entry.

Who is Eligible?

Lawful residents of the allowed countries are eligible to the program as long as they:

  • Have not provided false information on their application
  • Have been convicted of any criminal offence
  • Have been found in violation of any customs regulations in any country
  • Are subject to any investigation
  • Are inadmissible to the US under immigration regulations
  • Cannot prove their low-risk status
  • Do not have parental approval if under 18

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One of my favourite sports of all time must be the game of soccer or “football” as understood by most countries outside of North America.

It’s played on a massive field with 11 players spread out across the field leading it to be one of the most cardio intensive sports. Midfielders will have to run over 10 km in some matches.

Comparing this to a sport like baseball pales in comparison.

This sport, however a minor one in North America, is the most popular sport around the world played by almost all countries on the globe because of it’s simplicity. It is not just a sport, it’s more than that, it unites people across borders.

During the World Cup, it dominates attention globally for the entirety of the tournament.

Meanwhile, there are leagues in many different countries most notably Europe. They’re so many league with different divisions and so many teams it’s impossible to know them all.

But what I would say is the biggest tournament of them all is the Champions League where the best teams from the best leagues battle it out in 2-game series to see who is really #1.

Even though you may not know what a hat-trick (3 goals) or a brace (2 goals back to back) is, it doesn’t matter. Try it out or simply pick a team, follow them and enjoy, who knows they might just win it all.

Hope this helps!