US Open Weekend – Golf

This week’s entry will be slightly different.

Today (Saturday), I have been consumed with the annual US Open Golf major in Wisconsin.


The race at the top of the leaderboard is back and forth every 10 minutes. First, you’ll haveĀ Justin Thomas hitting eagles and taking a solo lead, next thing you know there are a record 8 players tied for the lead.

This is a phenomenal Day 3 to the tournament and I can’t wait for Sunday’s final.

Personally, I have Rickie Fowler and Justin Thomas as my favourites to win, they are playing consistently well and can both escape from poor situations and get hot real quick!

Who you got?



One of my favourite sports of all time must be the game of soccer or “football” as understood by most countries outside of North America.

It’s played on a massive field with 11 players spread out across the field leading it to be one of the most cardio intensive sports. Midfielders will have to run over 10 km in some matches.

Comparing this to a sport like baseball pales in comparison.

This sport, however a minor one in North America, is the most popular sport around the world played by almost all countries on the globe because of it’s simplicity. It is not just a sport, it’s more than that, it unites people across borders.

During the World Cup, it dominates attention globally for the entirety of the tournament.

Meanwhile, there are leagues in many different countries most notably Europe. They’re so many league with different divisions and so many teams it’s impossible to know them all.

But what I would say is the biggest tournament of them all is the Champions League where the best teams from the best leagues battle it out in 2-game series to see who is really #1.

Even though you may not know what a hat-trick (3 goals) or a brace (2 goals back to back) is, it doesn’t matter. Try it out or simply pick a team, follow them and enjoy, who knows they might just win it all.

Hope this helps!


I went skiing for the second time in many years and learnt or “developed a better understanding” of a technique calledĀ carving.

I always thought I knew what it was but apparently I’ve been doing it wrong all along.

For those of you who don’t ski a lot, carving is when you’re making your turns left and right on the ski hill where you’re cutting your edges of your skis into the snow to make a turn.

If you are at the level that I was at then when making your turns, you never really bent your skis when turning so that the edges of your skis carved into the snow. After learning pizza (slowing down by making a backwards V) you learn to control your speed by turning your skis in a way to create more friction.

Although it is effective, you lose a lot of your speed so when you want to advance your skiing, you reach a plateau. When you turn, you really need to dig your sides of your skis into the snow.

Also, it’s important to focus on transferring your weight to the outside ski when making your turn. And lastly, make sure that both skis are parallel to each other, this was the biggest change I made that effected my carving technique. You need to focus on making sure both skis are turning in the direction you want or else you lose a lot of speed and can easily lose balance.

Hopefully these tricks help out and maybe this even inspires you to go out skiing for the first time in a while!