Threat of Technology and Bio-Tech

This week’s post will be based off of the influencer Marc Goodman but will be unlike other posts where I mention his top tips for health, wealth and success but rather summarize an opinion of his I believe to be true.

Technology Boom:

The world is growing economically, in population but most importantly, technologically. This growth is at a rate we have never seen before where technologies are becoming obsolete within months. While this has had great benefits to the average individual – replacing medial tasks, saving time and money and even eliminating our need to walk around, there is a more serious side to this as well.

Privacy and Security:

As more and more people have access to technology and the Internet, these individuals are leaving traces and information about themselves publicly attainable. What does this mean?

This has the effect of giving anyone and everyone the ability to know where you are, what you like to do and more importantly, what you are worth. When the “bad guys” are searching for their next target, they are not living under a rock or in a far away cave. They too have access to social media, google search engines and every technological device that we have. They can hack your phone, break into your car or download your health records. This is the future and that is scary to think about.

Our privacy and security is at risk so what can we do about it?

Precautions We Can Take:

So what can we do?

First off, we can choose to use privacy settings on our applications. This won’t stop everybody but it is a good first step.

More importantly, depending on our popularity and recognition, there are precautions that should be taken. Do not use your real names in certain cases when you are travelling. When you are filling out information online to a website you do not trust, do not give personal and sensitive information, this can be turned around and sold to the highest bidder.

Next, how about we don’t post our health records or DNA structures online for anyone in the general public to access. Individual bio-attacks are real and cheaper than you can imagine.

Lastly, try using websites and applications that are more encryption-friendly than others (Telegram for example).

Now of course, everyone should not freak out over this threat and let it ruin their lives but by taking some precautions and being aware will help defend yourself if the time comes.